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Although every project is different and some adjustments might be necessary, our standard package rates are meant to empower you to start the conversation from a comfortable place.


Every package includes at least one pre-production meeting to identify your goals, plan the strategy for the shoot, and identify any special needs required to execute the vision. An additional on-site visit is likely needed as part of the pre-production planning process. 


Almost every package will require your business's brand kit. If you do not have a brand kit, we can help you create one. Find out more.


Some additional fees could apply for the following reasons: 

  1. Travel outside of the Baton Rouge metro area

  2. Specialized equipment needed to execute the project

  3. Licensing issues

Payment Options

If you’re in need of continual services, this is a great option. All of the services will fall under a single rate. You’ll get bi-monthly check in meetings to go over priorities and review outcomes of past projects. Any service listed above is available for inclusion in your retainer package. Additionally, we provide a variety of website content services and social media assistance.

Monthly retainer

A deposit of $500 is required for any project over $1,000. The final payment will be required once the project is complete. You'll have 30 days to make the payment. A late fee of $30/day will be applied after the 30 days. Payment instalments are available upon request and must be agreed upon before beginning the project. 

Package Rate

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