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Quality photographs are essential for any business's website and social media campaigns. From new headshots of your team members to high-quality images of your products or services, we can help build a portfolio of images that will help tell your story.



This package includes:

  • Portrait photos taken on location

  • High-resolution, professionally shot headshots suitable for both digital and print use.

  • Opportunity to change outfits during the shoot for a variety of looks (if applicable).

  • Clear information on the usage rights of the images, including any restrictions or permissions for commercial use.

Note: This package is for a single person. Each additional person is $50.



This package includes:

  • Crisp, clear, high-resolution photos that showcase your product in detail.

  • Professional editing enhances color, brightness, and contrast, ensuring the product looks its best.

  • Clear communication regarding the usage rights and licensing of the images.


$1,000 / $500

This package includes:

  • A half-day and full-day option. The half-day includes 2-hours of shooting. The full day includes everything over 2 hours.

  • Full coverage of the event, capturing key moments, speakers, and interactions.

  • A mix of candid shots to capture the atmosphere and posed photos for formal requirements.

  • Quick processing and delivery of images to meet post-event publicity needs.

Note: This does not include weddings. That is another rate completely and we are not offering that at this time. If you need a referral, however, we can provide that. 

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